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Why God Whispers

June 2, 2014

When you’re as big as God, its easy to overwhelm people. Everyone who ever caught a glimpse of His power or glory, fell to the ground.


I’ve had believers ask me why God isn’t more obvious or direct. Why all the guess work?

Pudding or people:

If He wanted to turn us into puddles of pudding, He’d just have to peel back the curtain and let us see Him. A loud voice from heaven would do it for most of us.

When he arrived, Jesus laid aside the full display of his glory to establish a new way of relating to mankind.

Jesus is God’s whisper to humanity.

Two reasons God whispers:

First, God wants us to walk by faith. Faith requires uncertainty and ambiguity. You might think you want God to tell you more, but, too much clarity undermines daily dependence.

Ask yourself, why God wants you to depend on Him. Is He needy? Or is there something more?

Second, God wants meaningful relationship. Human dignity and volition are essential. Meaningful relationship ends when God starts yelling from heaven, and so, He whispers.

You may feel close to God when His voice seems loud and His presence feels obvious, but, you’ll know him best in a whisper – Jesus.


The Myth of Distance

June 13, 2012

Walk into church on a Sunday morning and it’s likely you’ll hear a message of self-improvement, good works, and moral development. All three are fine but they never bring anyone nearer to God, ever.

Unbelievers, atheists, and infidels – people who are our friends not the enemy – can improve themselves, engage in good works, and learn not to lie. That doesn’t make them Christians, far from it. Many Christians are shocked to hear that Christianity isn’t morality, it’s Jesus only.

No distance:

Doing something to close the distance between God and man is irrelevant and repugnant.

It’s irrelevant because there’s no distance between an unbeliever and Jesus. He couldn’t be nearer or more available. They may feel distant but He is not. They may reject Jesus but Jesus hasn’t rejected them. There is no “far” or “near” when it comes to becoming a believer. There is only faith.

It’s repugnant to think we can close the distance between God. It insults Jesus by devaluing His work on the cross. Satan must love it when religious knuckle-heads undermine the work of Jesus by working to reform sinners. Dry drunks, apart from Jesus, are just as lost as wet ones.


Does the message of the gospel for sinners still apply to us after we’ve become believers? Or does it mystically change? After believing, do we maintain nearness by our goodness and lose it when we’re bad?

Truth is, when believers run from Jesus, He runs after them – think Peter. If they persist in running, He anxiously waits for them – think the Prodigal.


It’s our arrogance and doubt that motivate us to believe nearness depends on good works, self-improvement, and morality.

Daily faith:

Step back and trust Him again today. Don’t think you’re becoming a Christian again. Think you’re being a Christian anew. Humbling isn’t it?

Get Your Head Out of the Clouds and Get Real

November 2, 2011

“WWJD” is dumb. For those smart enough not to know what “WWJD” means it means, “What would Jesus do.”

Thinking you know what Jesus would do sounds great but if you think you know, you’re dangerous. Stay away from me. You don’t know what Jesus would do.

I suppose you know that Jesus would redeem mankind. At best you can apply that principle. But, you won’t be redoing the redemption of mankind. Once and done.

You can know:

  1. You can know what Jesus did. Frankly, what He did was often confusing to His followers.
  2. You can know the principles Jesus taught.

What you can do:

You can do your best to apply the principles Jesus taught. Bring them to bear in your life in this culture. It’s challenging and messy.

“WWYD” (What Would You Do) is better than “WWJD.”  WWYD requires real gutsy faith. It means you give traction to the eternal principles Jesus lived and taught. Jesus isn’t here in the same way he was 2,000 years ago, but you are. Let’s get real. Let’s get dirty. WWYD?

God adapts?

February 2, 2010

Jesus is God adapting to mankind

A question from Big Woods Bible Church:  “How can we say that God never changes and at the same time say that God adapts to us?”  The question emerges from the idea I presented Sunday that the first Christmas is God adapting to man not man adapting to God.  Adapting in that He became like us, we did not become like Him. 

God never changes but the way He deals with mankind does. 

Aren’t you glad we eat bacon, go to church on Sunday rather than Saturday, and worship in Spirit and Truth rather than in Jerusalem?   The arrival of Jesus signals the retirement of the law-way of living.   The way God deals with us changed when Jesus arrived. 

Not only did God change the way He deals with mankind, He also changed the way He revealed Himself to us.  At one point it was a pillar of fire, at another it was earth quakes, and at another sacrifices.  Finally, the ultimate revelation is Jesus.

Perhaps an illustration of adaptation will help.  Think of parents talking baby talk to their children.  They adapt yet stay the same.  In a similar way, the arrival of Jesus as a human being is God adapting to mankind.

The first Adam was made in the image of God.  The second Adam (Jesus) is made in the image of man.

By way of application, we are like God when we adapt our methods of dealing with outsiders while clinging to our unchanging message.  

Thanks for the question.  Feel free to leave comments on this topic. 

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