Clothes Matter

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Getting dressed up for church makes outsiders feel uncomfortable. Fancy clothes exclude.

A few years back I quit dressing up for church. Some said I was trying to be hip. Others didn’t care. I’m glad I made the choice to “dress down.”


What if you dropped into my house and my wife and I were in formal dress clothes, but you were in jeans? How would you feel?

We’d say, “Oh! It doesn’t matter. Make yourself at home.”

Would you feel at home? Probably not.

For you to be comfortable, we’d need to change into casual clothing.


One reason people dress up for Church is it shows respect for God. I don’t doubt that some feel that way. But, others get dressed up to impress fellow church members.

If your church is in an upper class suburb, maybe you should dress up. But, if you’re like the rest of us, just wear casual clothes.

One reason to dress casually for church is it shows respect for guests. Wear normal cloths to church so that normal people will feel comfortable.

Adapt to the people around you just like Jesus adapted to us when He arrived. Fit into culture just like you expect missionaries to fit into the cultures where they serve.

Adapt and fit in:

Jesus adapted to us when He arrived. Feel free to follow His example. Adapt to the people around you. Just wear what normal people wear. We aren’t in a culture war. We’re here to bring Jesus into any culture.


Some people will never dress casually for Church. It doesn’t matter as long as your church has diversity.

We’ve come to the place in the Church where I lead, that clothes really don’t matter. (As long as you’re wearing some.) We have some young people who have fun dressing up with ties or dresses. We even have an occasional suit. It’s fun. Diversity and variety take all the pressure off Christian fashion. Diversity is inviting. It shows we can adapt.

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