It sounds spiritual to pray, “God please show me what you want me to do.” It’s also safe.

Believers pray for God to show them His will and then slip under the covers for a snooze.

Fake Spirituality:

Praying without taking action is fake spirituality. I hear someone cry, “Don’t be so harsh. I’m waiting on God.”

If waiting on God is doing nothing, then stop waiting on God! Waiting on God, in reality, is doing everything you can while waiting for further guidance in one area.

Waiting on God isn’t an excuse for self-indulgent spiritual.

How not what:

“But what,” you ask, “Should I do?”

You’re too concerned about “what.” God is concerned about “how.”

Colossians 3:23 (NIV84) “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men,”

Worry less about “what.” Go do “whatever.” Worry more about “how” – “with all your heart.”


Uncertainty is the excuse of fake spirituality. “I’m not sure what God wants me to do, so I’ll do nothing.” Excuse makers:

  1. Believe certainty indicates God’s guidance.
  2. Know what they don’t want to do.
  3. Feel spiritual doing nothing.


Doing nothing takes you nowhere.

Stop making excuses and go do “whatever.”


  1. Good for another.
  2. Meet a need, the bigger the better.
  3. Act on your point of highest certainty. Forget perfect certainty.

Most importantly, whatever you do… “Do it with all your heart.” Uncertainty is an opportunity to trust God. Perfect service opportunities don’t exist. Go all-in on an imperfect opportunity.

Under grace you are free to do good to others
as much as you want!

New prayer:

Rather than praying for God to tell you what to do, pray for an opportunity to serve. “God give me an opportunity to serve someone.” Get up off your knees and get busy. That’s real spirituality.

Half-hearted Christians are unhappy Christians.

When you focus more on wholeheartedness and forget about perfect answers and opportunities, life grows bright. You become happier and more useful.

My prayer is, “God, give us more ‘whatever’ Believers.”

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