Rethink Glorifying God


The trouble with saying, “Glorify God” is the language doesn’t fit everyday life. It’s the language of religion. Churchy people love religious mumbo jumbo. But saying, “Glorify God,” doesn’t sound liberating and vibrant to average folk.

But how:

Glorify God by enjoying his provision. Include everything from colors to sensations. Persistently miserable people can’t and don’t glorify God, regardless of what they say.

Those without joy, can’t glorify God.

You powerfully glorify God when you enjoy life even when life hurts. James 1:2 says; consider it joy when adversity or suffering invades (paraphrase). Joyful hearts glorify God.

Respectful language, apart from joyful hearts, dishonors God.

God’s provision reveals Him. Nature, relationships, human capacity, art, and imagination tell us who God is. See His splendor in the snow, for example. But, of course, if you hate life, you hate the one who made you and it’s impossible to glorify Him.

Glorify God by enjoying his person. If you believe God is a heavenly kill-joy, it’s impossible to enjoy Him and impossible to glorify Him.

If you’re a miserable Christian, please find joy or practice some other religion, for God’s sake.

  • Take a breath and enjoy it.
  • Hold a loved one and find God, again.
  • Believe life has purpose even during chaos.

Accept Him:

Joy bubbles up when you accept God for who he is. One way to accept God is to acknowledge His control. Joy drains when you play the role of controller. Perhaps you want to be God, Adam did. But you aren’t. The sooner you get clear on that, the sooner you’ll find joy.

Joy spills into everyday life when you enjoy God’s provision and person. Let’s toss out religious hocus pocus and live joyfully.

Then next time someone says, Glorify God, thinking about living joyfully. Go one step more, let others know you enjoy Him.

P.S. I’m not suggesting that Christians must always be happy. 1Peter 1:6 acknowledges seasons when believers may be in heaviness, to use the KJV translation.

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