But I Don’t Want to be a Butt

Why can't you be like me

Church people love trying to mold others into acceptability. I hear them complain how others aren’t behaving or thinking “properly.” Arrogance oozes from their words.

I seldom hear Church people explore ways to maximize the strengths of others while minimizing and compensating for their weaknesses. Usually, they want to fix them.

Personal illustration:

I’m skilled at a few things and unskilled at many. Worse than that, my strengths are often weakness, too. I love changing things and hate repeating things, for example. Imaging how troubling that is to Churchy folk who love ritual. (They seldom attend Good News, surprisingly.)

My love for innovation isn’t a fluke. It’s how my Maker made me. Neglecting it insults Him.

Some don’t appreciate change like I do, just like I don’t appreciate sameness like they do.

The choice:

We can celebrate and leverage the difference or we can try molding others into our image, fixing them. The first approach expresses grace and faith; the second approach arrogance and manipulation.

The Body:

If some had their way, the entire Body/Church would be a butt, like they are. But, celebrating difference expands, enhances, and elevates the Body. We are members of each other. Hands don’t smell and noses don’t see.

Butt Christians:

  1. Think they have all the gifts.
  2. Believe everyone should be butts.
  3. Know the best way to do everything.
  4. Don’t accept or share their weaknesses.
  5. Work to mold others into butts.

Back to me:

The downside of innovation is instability. I tolerate ambiguity.  Actually, I love it. Forget fixing me. I ain’t broke. However, all innovation is like a Church that’s all butt. That’s why I must embrace those different from me.


Everyone wants to belong. The only way everyone belongs is by:

  1. Building transparent relationships.
  2. Celebrating diversity.
  3. Maximizing strengths.
  4. Compensating for weaknesses.
  5. Aligning around shared mission and vision.
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One Comment on “But I Don’t Want to be a Butt”

  1. marcbacon Says:

    It is not who we are, our programs, our worship rituals, or our methods, that achieve results for God’s kingdom. The gospel has flourished over more than two millenia because it is Christ that builds His church.

    God has called each of us to worship Him and preach the gospel, then make disciples of Jesus Christ. It is He who equips each of us as He wills so that His church thrives despite sin and Satan’s opposition.

    I am in awe of a God who loves us enough to allow us to be His witnesses in the world, imperfect and weak as we are. He could write the gospel in the clouds, preach it through angels, make the gospel story appear on every TV screen and radio, and much more. Instead, although He does not want any to perish, He loves us enough to limit His voicepieces to being the Bible and Christians, then works quietly and efficaciously in hearts through His Holy Spirit to draw men to Himself.

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