To Hell with Karma

Last night we watched the reincarnation, karma filled movie, “Cloud Atlas.” It was entertaining and well-made as far as movies go.

I left the theater angry at the cruelty of Karma and sad for those who embrace it. Thankfully, the Tom Hanks character fought off evil impulses and got it right in the end.

Karma is the extension of the consequences of past actions into this and future lives. It is defeating and fatalistic. So is the Christian view of deterministic predestination, for that matter.

The law of karma is cruel for screw-ups. They deserve to suffer until they get it right.

The Christian idea of, “You reap what you sow’” is karma limited to this life. To hell with, “You reap what you so,” too!

Karma and the universal application of reaping what you sow leave no room for mercy and grace.

  • Mercy = you don’t reap the bad you sow.
  • Grace = you reap the good you don’t sow.

Mercy and grace aren’t fair. Thank God they aren’t.

If there is no mercy and grace with God, his invitation to draw near is an invitation to cold, hard justice. Run! I want nothing to do with Him. Do you?

The self-righteous love karma and reaping what they sow. As for me, I’ll take mercy and grace.

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3 Comments on “To Hell with Karma”

  1. fofomarc1 Says:

    Well put, Dan.

    Furthermore, karma removes personal responsiblity. If you kill someone, they deserved it, and you’ll get paid back for the wrong you did.

    It is great that we don’t get what we deserve, for “the wages of sin is death”. We get the GIFT of God, eternal life, simply through His grace and love.

  2. Joli Says:

    Can you talk a little bit about Galatias 6:6 and how this is different from what you are saying ? “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”


    • Dan Rockwell Says:

      Thankfully, Gal. 6:6 is not always true.

      I call Gal. 6:6 the law of consequence. Our decisions/choices have consequence. If they didn’t we wouldn’t matter.

      If we take Gal. 6:6 on it’s own then we have no hope. We reap judgement.

      If we limit Gal 6:6 to financial consideration it makes more sense but even then, it’s foolish to think we’ll get rich if we give generously.

      If we say we reap eternal life by trusting in Jesus then Gal 6:6 works.

      In the end, we’re not going to reap what we sow when it comes to eternal life. We haven’t earned it. But when it comes to rewards, we will reap what we sow.

      Just some thoughts

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