Grace, Transparency, and Fullness

Intimacy dies where fakery prevails. Legalism creates emptiness because it blocks transparency.

Last night the Good News Ladies powerful illustrated freedom in grace. From different sides of the circle they shared favorite passages of Scripture. But, what makes a favorite a favorite?

Suffering, stress, or tension lift Bible verses to favorite status. Our weaknesses give value to truths that strengthen. The best way to explain a favorite passage of Scripture is to share the frailty it answers.

The beauty of grace is it frees us to acknowledge our frailties. In our weakness, His strength has meaning.

The path to an empty relationship with God is paved with competence and strength. But, the path to richness is on the well-worn trail of inadequacy, incompetence, and falling short.

You never get there till you know you can’t make it.

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One Comment on “Grace, Transparency, and Fullness”

  1. joe Says:

    That path to riches as you said is a well worn path which takes time and that is what few are willing to travel for lack of vision. So unlike the folks in Hebrews who endured hardship in order to gain a better resurrection thus the well worn path…..looking on, pressing on and gaining glory!

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