Breaking Free from Barrenness to Fruitfullness

 … the worries of the world, … choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful.” Mk. 4:19 (NASB)

Worry makes you barren.

Caring deeply:

It’s a mistake to believe all worry is wrong. Worry – as in caring deeply – is useful. We need more believers who worry about eternal issues. Paul said he “worried” – felt anxiety – for the churches. (2Cor. 11:28)

Good worries make us fruitful.
Bad worries make us unfruitful.

Negative worries:

Over and over I’ve seen distraction create barrenness. I’ve seen believers distracted from fruitfulness by trying to make others happy or concern over what others think while neglecting the good that’s in their hearts.

Churches aren’t fruitful because their leaders worry about pleasing the wrong person. Show me leaders who run around worrying about making others happy and I’ll show you unfruitful worry warts. They’ll stress-out over trivialities and neglect greater issues like telling people about Jesus! Preach it!

Barrenness comes from:

  1. Pursuing success.
  2. Craving approval.
  3. Greed for money.
  4. Hunger for power.
  5. Needing respect.

Worry is concern over things to the point of distraction.

Positive worries:

  1. Pleasing Jesus. Thankfully pleasing Jesus may include pleasing others, especially sinners.
  2. Serving.
  3. Giving .
  4. Enabling.
  5. Respecting.


You may be barren because you’re an ignorant jerk. However, you may be unfruitful because worry distracts you from eternal issues.

Ultimately you’re barren because worry distracts you from your relationship with Jesus (Jn. 15). Every time we center on life’s circumstances, success, or pleasing people while neglecting Jesus we step toward barrenness. All of life is about a person. Circumstances only matter in the context of knowing Jesus.

Freedom for fruitfulness happens when we let go of negative worry and begin worrying about our relationship with Jesus.

What worries do you see that create barrenness in believers lives?


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