7 Reasons I Don’t Have to Serve You

Top 7 reasons I’m free from serving you:

  1. Your preferences are wrong, meaning they aren’t mine.
  2. You have sin in your life.
  3. I’m smarter than you. You’re making dumb decisions.
  4. You need to grow up.
  5. You’re self-centered.
  6. I don’t like you. Christians are allowed to not like some people aren’t they, as long as they love them?
  7. I’ve already served you and you didn’t serve me back. The serving scales tip in my direction. Get busy!

When serving becomes about others
we find excuses not to.

Ultimately, serving is about us not them. When serving is about who we are grace takes center stage.

Jesus served people we reject because
serving was about Him not them.

Strength to serve:

Grace gives strength for free service. Strength for service comes from being served by Jesus. If you don’t let him serve you, you can’t serve others.

Believe Jesus serves you for no good reason except love, then share what you’ve received.

Serving is about grateful response. Ungrateful people may go through the motions of service. However, they need a deeper touch of grace before real serving begins. They may be good and moral but they aren’t Christian.  (Note: I didn’t say they aren’t Christians. You can be a Christian and not act like one.)

Calling people to serve isn’t about brow-beating, crying about needs, or bribing; it’s about grace. When we aren’t serving we need more grace not less.

We’re free to serve as we realize we’ve been served. Serving is the overflow of
gratitude for grace.

If you’re nodding your head but not engaging in meaningful service, you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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