Breaking the Grip of Arrogance and Legalism

Churches are filled with arrogance because we think we know things we don’t and believe we’re doing things we aren’t.

The Pharisees – the most arrogant people in the New Testament – thought they were keeping the law but they weren’t. They were actually breaking it. They thought they understood the law but Jesus said it was all about Him. They missed it completely.

Arrogance and legalism go hand in hand.

Moving toward grace and away from law:

  1. Avoid comparisons. “I’m better than …” is pure law! If we must compare ourselves with someone try Jesus. We are no better than anyone! Sure, we may commit “smaller” sins. Well aren’t we special? Grace isn’t extended based on performance, ever. Everyone always needs grace.
  2. Help rather than instruct. Get dirty – get up close and personal. You can see arrogance in self-justifying huddles that stand aloof. When I’m in legal mode I get smarter and smarter.
  3. Trust God with others. Legalists are great at wringing their hands over real or potential mistakes. What if someone makes a mistake? Get over it. Jesus choses people who make mistakes. He chose you didn’t He? (This has nothing to do with organizational policies and procedures that help people succeed and minimize the chances of failure.)
  4. Keep giving chances. Grace doesn’t say, “I’m done with you.” Dang that’s uncomfortable…unless we are the ones getting more chances. Then it’s great.
  5. Ask for and extend forgiveness. Few things exemplify grace better than forgiving.

First and foremost:

Ungraceful believers don’t believe grace. Everyone who receives grace extends it. If we aren’t extending it, like the Pharisees, we think we understand something we don’t.

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One Comment on “Breaking the Grip of Arrogance and Legalism”

  1. I was being crushed my legalism. Harsh legalism brought me to the end of myself and set me on a quest for truth. I started questioning everything I was ever taught. The God opened my eyes to the true Gospel Message. I started praying, God who are you and what are your ways? He showed me He is love and loves me unconditionally. Wow! what peace. Margaret McCoy, author of Legalism the Other Gospel.

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