Becoming a Graceful Believer

One goal of grace is the creation of graceful beauty in believers.

Graceful beauty:

  1. Humble.
  2. Kind.
  3. Loving.
  4. Gentle.
  5. Compassionate.
  6. Inclusive.
  7. Serving.
  8. Selfless.
  9. Forgiving.
  10. Hopeful.

On the other hand, Christians who believe in the beauty of law end up ugly.

Legal ugliness:

  1. Rigid.
  2. Demanding.
  3. Harsh.
  4. Narrow.
  5. Arrogant (when they successfully obey).
  6. Exclusive.
  7. Self-protective.
  8. Self-centered.

What I mean by grace and law:

Grace = benefit flows to us by faith alone, not works. The benefit you received when you trusted in Jesus is grace-benefit, exclusively.

Law = benefit flows to us by works. Benefit comes to us based on performance.

Both sides:

I find myself on both sides of the divide; sometimes beautiful – sometimes ugly. The thing that frequently determines where I land is my view of grace provision alongside seeing my own frailty. The more I see frailty the more beautiful grace becomes.


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2 Comments on “Becoming a Graceful Believer”

  1. Teri Lynn Says:

    soooooooo what I needed to read today…….I recieve it into the depths of my heart with thanks. Now I need prayer to apply this to a controling not so nice pastor…….aaaaarrrrrrrgggggg but you cant argue with the truth of God 🙂

  2. Scott Shaffer Says:

    Good Post Dan – thank you — Just finished reading “TrueFaced” – That day He tapped us on the shoulder presenting something that cost him everything to get for us. It was and is the gift of grace. The authors defined the cross in one chapter this way. “Written across this gift of grace is one word: forgiveness. The attached card reads: Take it, apply it, and trust me to make it real. I love you, Jesus”

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