Why Church Leaders Become Mediocre

Churches and their leaders become mediocre when they try pleasing everyone. Try to please everyone and you’ll end up pleasing no one. Engaging in this ridiculous activity denies diverse gifts, embraces medocrity, and insults our maker.


When Christians say they believe in leadership, what they really mean is lead as long as you do what I want. Add up the number of people you’re shooting to please and you have the depth of mediocrity you’re shooting for.

Who should church leaders please? They should please the ones with money and power, of course! (sarcasm)

Seriously, it takes faith to trust God’s diversity. He sure uses “interesting” people.


Church leaders can be idiots. For example, some ignorant Church leaders wrongly believe they should lead like Moses and Joshua – command and control. If you are hearing the literal voice of God, command and control works. If you aren’t – and I doubt you are – then Biblical principles, values, mission, and vision guide leadership. But… there’s more…


If you’re a church leader, have the guts to lead with zeal. Pleasing everyone destroys zeal. Trust the person God made!

Sound New Age and touchie feelie? I don’t think so. It’s an act of faith for both leaders and followers to trust God with leadership – to trust the Maker.

For example, I’m an informal country boy. That’s who God made. I’ll never be formal. It’s true that my rough edges need lots of work. But at the core, I’m learning to trust God to use who I am, frailties and all.


Great leadership is about making others great. There’s no room for serve-me leaders. If you’re functioning within Church values, mission, vision… if you’re a servant leader… then for goodness sake, get off your butt and GO FOR IT!

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