Why Believers Don’t Know Jack

Christians are great at saying they believe in something but acting otherwise. James calls it looking in the mirror and forgetting what you see.

We say we believe in grace but impose rules.

We say we believe in freedom but bring people into “righteous” bondage.

We say we want others to trust in Jesus but add religious ceremonies and activities. It’s ridiculous!

We say we want to be like Jesus – who was the friend of sinners – but we make sinners the enemy. Rather than adapting to them, like Jesus did, we expect them to adapt to us. He became human. Perhaps we should try it.

Frequently the message we send to outsiders is act like a believer before you become a believer. Not only is it foolish, it’s selfish. We demand comfort for ourselves while making others uncomfortable. It’s disgusting!

It’s no wonder nonChristians have a low view of church and Christians. We have a reputation of wanting things, demanding conformity, rejecting sinners, and pretending we are better than we are. It’s nauseating!

Questions for the day:

  1. How can I help someone think highly of Jesus?
  2. How can I love someone without expecting a return?
  3. How can I bring positive value? Value doesn’t occur until we give more than we take, not before.

I can imagine believers nodding while they read that list of questions. Yet, truth be told, we haven’t the first idea of what it looks like. Our heads are so buried up our righteous butts that we’ve convinced ourselves we are doing things we aren’t.

How can you practice the questions I asked? If you can’t describe it, you can’t do it. Period!

Truth be told, we want to talk it but we DON’T want to do it. We don’t know jack till we practice what we preach!

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One Comment on “Why Believers Don’t Know Jack”

  1. Thru my work at a pregnancy resource center I get to practise loving the unlovely and trying to do it like Jesus would. Hey but are we not all pretty unlovely at times?

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