Get Your Head Out of the Clouds and Get Real

“WWJD” is dumb. For those smart enough not to know what “WWJD” means it means, “What would Jesus do.”

Thinking you know what Jesus would do sounds great but if you think you know, you’re dangerous. Stay away from me. You don’t know what Jesus would do.

I suppose you know that Jesus would redeem mankind. At best you can apply that principle. But, you won’t be redoing the redemption of mankind. Once and done.

You can know:

  1. You can know what Jesus did. Frankly, what He did was often confusing to His followers.
  2. You can know the principles Jesus taught.

What you can do:

You can do your best to apply the principles Jesus taught. Bring them to bear in your life in this culture. It’s challenging and messy.

“WWYD” (What Would You Do) is better than “WWJD.”  WWYD requires real gutsy faith. It means you give traction to the eternal principles Jesus lived and taught. Jesus isn’t here in the same way he was 2,000 years ago, but you are. Let’s get real. Let’s get dirty. WWYD?

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7 Comments on “Get Your Head Out of the Clouds and Get Real”

  1. Bill Geise Says:

    Thank you for the thought provoking post, I have missed these. Bill G

  2. Jack Ducharme Says:


    Keep it up! I enjoy these!


  3. Crystal Mealer Says:


  4. I have to add my agreement to being glad you’re back. I missed your thought provoking rants! :0)

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