Believe in yourself?

How do believers embrace the idea they should believe in themselves when the Bible teaches us to believe in Jesus.

First self-belief isn’t necessarily antagonistic or antithetical to belief in Jesus. For example, you must believe in your ability to hear and comprehend language in order to believe in the gospel.

You matter because you have a maker.

Second, believing God made you for a purpose instills believers with “dependent self-belief.” You can believe you are here for a reason. You can believe that God instills you with the fundamental resources to accomplish His purpose. You can believe that within this creation you matter because you have a maker.

Lastly, self-belief that drives an arrogant wedge between creator and created is where people go wrong.

My faith enables and informs self-belief, self-confidence, self-identity. Not arrogant independence but faith-filled humility.


Do you have self-confidence?

What about the idea that, “Without me you can do nothing?


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One Comment on “Believe in yourself?”

  1. Excellent post! It amazes me how many believers still really believe in themselves for keeping their salvation. I think the problem lies with so many modern day preachers preaching this gospel. On the one hand, they say that eternal life is a gift, that justification is by faith in Christ, but then in the same breath, while presenting the gospel message they either front and backload the message with works. Common phrases uttered are the need to “repent of your sins,” “make Jesus the Lord of your life,” “be willing to follow Him,” “surrender your life to Him,” “confess Him before men,” etc. Now, I’m not trying to undermine the importance of these things, but they are not required for justification. They are more in line with requirements for discipleship as well as progress in our sanctification. They are appropriate responses for believers in Christ who have freely received justification. The absence of any of these works is not evidence of lack of justification, but rather evidence of not growing in Christ and remaining an infant, immature in the faith.

    It is also interesting to me the qualifiers we have added to faith. Saving faith, genuine faith, heart faith, etc. Faith is faith. You either believe something or you don’t. You either believe that Jesus died on the cross, paying the penalty for your sins and rose again on the third day or you don’t. You either trust in Jesus alone for eternal life or you don’t. When it comes to justification, faith/belief in Jesus is enough. To add anything else is to say that Jesus’ work on the cross was not in itself the satisfactory payment for my sins and not enough for my redemption (Galatians 2:21). May it never be!

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