Angry Jesus


It had been a long and surprise filled trip down the Jordan valley. And now the crowds were ecstatic at the arrival of the teacher from Galilee who is finally entering Jerusalem. However, Jesus was not caught up in the enthusiasm of chanting crowds. While they were overcome with joy, he sobbed the sob of a mourner. To make matters more perplexing, upon entering the Temple he flew into a fit that made men shrink from his rage.

What happened?

He looked around the holiest place on earth and saw a corrupt religious system taking advantage of people. He saw a system consumed with serving itself rather than the broken. He saw leaders and business people lining their own pockets in the name of religion.

Perhaps the Church today isn’t much different from the hypocrites of Jesus day. Take a moment and consider. Can you think of someone angry at a Church or Christian who has taken advantage of them? Can you think of more than one or two people burned out by self-centered, self-serving religious systems? I can. The land is littered with the rubble of those chewed up and spit out by legalistic, ungraceful “Christians” and “Churches.”

Being like Jesus.

Would you like to be like Jesus? Then weep at the bondage of religious systems that blind people to the freedom of grace. Burn with anger at religious systems focused on reforming lost people rather than sharing the message of redeeming grace. It’s tragic.

If Jesus entered your church would he start knocking over tables and chairs in a rage because you are serving yourself? Are you captured by a system that builds walls rather than bridges to Jesus?


How do churches and Christians create barriers around Jesus rather than building bridges to him?

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2 Comments on “Angry Jesus”

  1. Joli Says:

    don’t get me started. I’ll just read what others say…:)

  2. I think we create barriers when we approach people in a manner that we know the answer that will fix them. At first this seems noble, we know Jesus, we know how he “fixed” us, and we can see other people need help. But in reality this comes across as condemnation and a sense of superiority. Rather than approaching people with a you are broken i know Jesus and he can fix you attitude, we should approach with the mindset or meeting people where they are and just being available. In my experience it is out of relationship and trust that people open up to the message of love and grace that Jesus freely gives.

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