Exchange based relationships


No exchange

Buzz from numerous conversations protected the privacy of everyone.  Dead center in the room, Miss Hungerton leaned into Mr. Needmore listening to familiar, suggestive phrases.  She twirled her hair as he travelled the trail he’d been down many times with others.  She hungered to be wanted by this man of the world.

From a quiet corner, Gracie sorrowfully watched the sensual exchange, knowing Miss Hungerton would soon fill her emptiness only to end up empty once the exchange concluded.

Gracie stepped toward the center of the room.  Approaching Miss Hungerton, Gracie slipped a princess cut diamond from her own finger.  Breaking social etiquette, she gently lifted Miss Hungerton’s empty hand. Smiling, she planting her ring dead center in the lonely palm.

Turning, she slipped away and blending into the crowd, faded from view.


Exchanges like the one between Miss Hungerton and Mr. Needmore exacerbate our emptiness because they depend on what we offer.  And we all know our resources are limited and inadequate.  Youth fades, abilities decline, desirability decays.  Eventually we’re left with nothing to exchange except our own emptiness. Inevitably using our own resources to earn God’s love only blocks what we long to receive. In the end, we end up guilty and empty again.

Our only hope is found in receiving that which cannot be earned or unearned. Our only hope is pure, uncompensated gift.


What common strategies are employed to earn God’s love?

Why are one-way transactions uncomfortable?

How can individuals jettison exchange-based living for grace-based living?


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