A God who humbles Himself?

Have some pride and self-respect

Ever see someone groveling after being dumped? It’s disgusting. When I see or hear of it, I think things like:

Get a life!
You’re pathetic!
Move on, it’s over loser!
No wonder they dumped you, you are so needy!

What happens when we dump God?

Old Testament material describes the “pathetic” God. You find Him mixed in with some of the harshest material in the OT. You find Him begging begging his people to return and restore relationship with Him. I’m referring to the Minor Prophets. Of all the Minor Prophets, I think Hosea’s commitment to restore relationship with his whoring wife is the quintessential example of the “pathetic” God.

Hosea pursues his whore-wife after she clearly rejects him. He sustains her during and after her unfaithfulness. Finally, Hosea buys his burnt out whore-wife at a slave auction and takes her home to be his bride. Not until she is a worn out whore does she return to the man who degraded himself for her benefit. In Christian circles we honor Hosea. In the real world, he’s pathetic. He needs a life!

It’s a scandal but God humbles Himself for our benefit.

God always humbles Himself and chases His people. On the other hand, we tend to play the whore by forgetting Him. We persistently trust in anything but our Maker. Yet, He still pursues. From a human point of view, it’s an embarrassment.

Regardless of your condition, turn to Him again. Honor Him again. Love Him again. He’s pursuing you for relationship. Don’t make Him grovel.


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Dan Rockwell

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8 Comments on “A God who humbles Himself?”

  1. Christi Cordova Says:

    Dan– I loved this session on Hosea you taught. And it floors me every time to think about God constantly taking me back after I blow Him off. Thank you so much for reminding us of this!

  2. Andy Middleton Says:

    This was an awesome blog. It is amazing to me how often I find myself in the position of having to return to God even when I feel like its over. Its even more amazing how He takes me back, teaches me through the problem, and then uses me during and after. Praise Him for His love and His salvation!!

  3. Jared Y. Says:

    Spot on yet again Dan. But I would suggest you not put this article on wordle.com to create a word cloud as the word ‘whore’ would be prominent. =)

    I find myself groveling at times begging for God to take me back after I screw up.

  4. David Wyatt Says:

    Bro. Dan,

    Thanks for the reminder. I hope you & your readers will forgive me for sharing an incident that occurred many years ago, while I was pastoring a small church. I was very discouraged at the time, both in the pastorate & in my own spiritual life. It as about time to go teach the Wednesday night Bible study, & I felt so low I would have done almost anything else if I could have. My wife encouraged me to go on, & I know God was using her to nudge me to just go on, He’d take care of the rest! Boy did He! The lesson that evening just “happened” to be on Hosea chapter 11! As I began teaching it, the Lord spoke to my heart, & whether anyone else got anything out of it or not, I did! He helped me to go on that night! Seeing how the Lord loved His failing people helped me see how much He loved this failure! Thank you for this reminder bro. Dan! God Bless.

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