What about, “grace and truth”

I was just asked a delightfully interesting question. Where does truth fit into grace-filled living? Is it all grace or is there truth?

The questioner used the term “truth,” to describe the harder side of Christian living, things like confronting, correcting, and discipline.

Life for a believer is all grace. Confronting, correcting, and discipline are all grace.

Lets bring the soft side and the hard side of Christianity together.

What do you deserve when you offend, fall short, or miss the mark? The Bible is perfectly clear. Sin earns death. Death is what you deserve.

Grace is getting what you don’t deserve.

When you sin, you don’t deserve correcting, confrontation, or discipline. When God corrects, confronts, or disciplines you, you’re receiving what you don’t deserve and that’s grace.


Grace Freak

Dan Rockwell

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2 Comments on “What about, “grace and truth””

  1. David Wyatt Says:

    And that’s the TRUTH bro. Dan! Jesus Christ is FULL of grace & truth! Perfect combination!

  2. CarlaB Says:

    So well said. Recently I struggled with how to reply to a person who relaters her pain, sadness, depression, illness and fear on a weekly basis. I finally decided today to be more direct in my replies. It was sort of hard to confront, correct and suggest some self discipline I believe he could benefit from but I figured I earned the right bc I get these regular messages of misery. What you say suggests that if I truly care about this person showing grace is doing exactly that. Thanks.

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