Faith, doubt and Christian living

faith and doubt

What is faith?

What faith isn’t?

Faith isn’t a choke hold.

Some say if you have enough faith, you can put Jesus in a choke hold that eventually forces Him to give you everything you ask. This approach reduces Jesus to a heavenly sugar daddy who can’t say no.  You’re arrogant if you think your faith forces Jesus to obey you.  He doesn’t obey us.  We obey him.

What faith is?

Faith is confidence. Faith in Jesus is confidence in Jesus.

Culture bombards you with pressure to trust in yourself, go with your gut, and look within yourself to find your truth.  Faith runs against culture by replacing self-confidence with Jesus-confidence.

Becoming a Christian or living the Christian life is a collision with our culture’s glorification of self-confidence.

Faith is confidence in a person, not in what He gives.

Some wrongly think that faith is primarily about getting stuff.  The “getting stuff” message works in America but not in Africa where Christians starve to death.  Here’s the truth.  When Jesus doesn’t give you what you want, trust Him anyway.

Trusting Jesus when He doesn’t give you stuff is the most profound expression of faith.  Truly great believers aren’t full, comfortable, and satisfied.  They are needy yet confident.

What doubt is?

Doubt is the triumph of self-confidence over Jesus-confidence.

There are two combatants on the battle field of Christian living.  One side is self-confidence.  The other side is Jesus-confidence.  Every day you’re choosing sides.  Every day you’re learning to place confidence in Jesus again.  That is Christian living.

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Dan Rockwell

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4 Comments on “Faith, doubt and Christian living”

  1. landsway Says:

    Dan-So many people today seem to think Jesus is our unlimited ATM. As long as we have the PIN, which is to say “in Jesus name” then we get everything we want. We have to realize it is not about us. It is not even about how much we love Him, though we might question how much we love Him if all we want is stuff. It is all about how much He loves us.

    • Dan Rockwell Says:

      OOO..landsway. So glad you brought up the magic words, “In Jesus Name.” I forgot about that one.

      And now, watch me pull health and wealth out of my hat…”In Jesus Name” — Poof.. I’m rich!



  2. Jared Young Says:

    “Your best life now” seems to be the answer for most North Americans. I agree with you Dan about Christians outside of North America. It seems outside our borders faith is a bit more real, or taken a bit more seriously. There are so many ‘truths’ that people follow these days because of promises speakers make or hope that they sell in a book or whatever nonsense you find on the 700 club. I personally feel people think faith is synonymous with work or gaining wealth (things, money, etc.).

    Faith is a hard one to explain to the unchurched let alone those who are churched but wrongly taught. Thanks again for bringing home the hard hitting truth in layman’s terms. =)

    • Dan Rockwell Says:


      The whole health and wealth thing is seriously flawed. Find one Bible character that lived the way these folks say we can live if we have enough faith and I’ll give you a 100 bucks But I think you know what I’m getting at.



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