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Why no how-to's?

Reading the Bible can be frustrating.  I’m not talking about frustration because I don’t understand it.  I’m talking about frustrating because I DO understand it and so much is left out.  The Bible is filled with things I should and shouldn’t do.  But only occasionally does the Bible tell me “how-to” do or not do something.

Here’s an example of a how-to.  People who steal should get jobs and earn money and then give to others (Eph. 4:28) I know it’s not a clear 10 step program on overcoming theft but at least the text indicates that working hard and generous giving are on the positive side of stealing.  Having said that, in a world filled with self-helps and how-to’s, the New Testament is sadly lacking.

Jesus is no self-help guru.  He said things like, “You feed them,” without the slightest hint of how to get the job done. He said, “Go and make disciples,” but didn’t set up an outreach program or develop a 12 step discipleship system. So I’m asking myself why Jesus and the Bible are so lacking in the how-to business.

Here’s what I think.  First, how-to’s aren’t eternal.  They change with the culture.

More importantly, the Bible is a “who-am-I” book.  Being a Christian is just that, being.  It’s not what you do.  It’s who you are.

Identity determines behavior.  For example, bird watchers keep binoculars handy and rock climbers keep rope in the trunk.  Freely loved believers, freely love.

You don’t need a how to manual.  You need a “who am I manual.”  Living how you should, begins with knowing who you are.

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2 Comments on “How-to?”

  1. landsway Says:

    Again short-to the point-and make a great point. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lead not to thing own understanding is not a 10 step program; but if truly done, still works.

  2. Dan Rockwell Says:

    landsway…we always begin and end with the proper point of confidence. Basically it’s a one step plan…Learn to put your confidence in the Lord today.

    thanks for jumping in


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