Grace haters

grace hater

"Free-but" people

I can see them coming from across the room.  Their faces veiled with “spiritual” concern and their eyes glazed with faux worry.  Their approach is always the same.  I call them “free-but” people.  They say, “I agree that grace is free, BUT…” 

Their “but” is followed by any number of drummed up concerns.  One thing is certain; they are not concerned for themselves.  They are concerned for those poor, weak, gullible, fallen folks who might get the dangerous idea that grace is actually free.  That the best we can do is trust in grace.

Like Jonah they are grace hater.  Isn’t it interesting that Jonah enjoyed gracious intervention in his own life?  God should have wiped that bigoted, snotty prophet from the face of the earth but He didn’t.  God’s dealings with Jonah illustrate grace.  But Jonah hated grace.

Let’s call a spade a spade.  Those who enjoy grace in their own life and at the same time seek to “protect” others from it are grace haters.

It’s easy to arrogantly think we deserve grace while adulterers, whores, homosexuals, and abortionists don’t.  We can begin to think we are “good” sinners and they are bad “sinners.”   Thinking this way makes us grace haters.

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Dan Rockwell

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6 Comments on “Grace haters”

  1. Dan Rockwell Says:

    I’m posting this for a friend.

    Jorge Figueroa February 4 at 5:54am

    Hello Pastor Dan! It’s been a while! I remember when you and I actually went to Dunkin Donuts one morning in Williamsport, and you and I talked about something rather significant, but I don’t quite remember what it was. 🙂

    Regardless, I’m thankful that you took your time to get to know me. 🙂

    I read your blog about grace-haters, and I agree. I remember when I was in college and there were some individuals who would question your teachings about Grace. Of course you are aware of these things and perhaps they continue to exist. I really wouldn’t know. You were quite the commotion back in my year at Penn College.

    I have a question and perhaps you may answer it. Why is it that people find a hard time understanding your case for Grace?

    I mean, it’s true, that we are those who have fallen and are saved through grace by faith alone in Christ alone. But why the opposition?

  2. Dan Rockwell Says:


    I think there are many reasons. Sincere Christians can fear grace. Convinced Christians have come to wrong conclusions about grace.

    In my own life when I hated grace, I hated it because I was putting confidence in my obedience rather than putting confidence in grace.

    When we put confidence in our performance and then someone challenges that approach, it’s very hard to take. When I started learning about grace it blew me up. I felt disoriented and fearful

    Hey, thanks for jumping in

    Grace Freak Dan

    • Zach Wagner Says:

      When I was first learning the true meaning of grace from Dan I had a hard time with it. I think mostly for 2 reasons. First it is completely different then anything we really know on earth. Here you do something wrong you pay for it and have to work your way out. I found it hard to except that grace could come for free. It wasn’t something I needed to earn? I can’t even get a bottle of water for free these days. The thought of not having to earn God’s grace or salvation is kind of foreign thought.

      The other is that I for one wanted to be in control. If I can earn blessings and keep myself from having bad things happen to me I felt good. Basically it was a way for me to know if I was on the right page or not. If things were going my way I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. If things weren’t then I should make some changes. Sounds funny to me now but at the time I couldn’t understand that I could be excepted even when I did bad thing. When I finally did though I found a love and inspiration that is second to none.

      Thanks God that Dan took the time to speak grace!

      • Dan Rockwell Says:


        Your explanation is powerful…and personally encouraging to me. Thank you for taking the time to share your own story and for reading Grace Freak.


  3. David Wyatt Says:

    Kinda reminds me of a great discussion i remember from way back in a Sunday School class at a particularly rough time in our lives. I’d just been voted out of a church as pastor, & we found a very neat church that had been kinda just rolling alone for years, the pastor was just about retirement age, & he was not long until he would retire, & then…….BOOM! A group of onfire college students found the little church, they told their friends, & the church went from a small town church to large church almost overnight. We joined for the time between churches, & in this class we discussed the idea of “grace for me, law for you.” We just have that tendency as fallen people. I hate it, but if I’m honest, I must admit I have it, though I want to overcome it. God has been SOOOOOOOOO gracious to me! I want to pass it on, but rarely do it seems. Thanks for this blog bro. Dan!

    • Dan Rockwell Says:


      Your candor is refreshing and indicates you are receiving grace. Legalists are fakers and can’t be honest like you are… I want to get in the boat where you are and row with you. BTW. about 2 years ago our church began seeing an influx of college students. They’ve been a driving force at Good News. It’s incredible.



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