Taking Risks by guest blogger and Jesus Freak, Ed Underwood


Ed Underwood

I met Ed Underwood because of Ashlin Hollinger and the Internet and I’m glad I did. 

Ed is a radical believer who walks in step with Biblical truth while walking out of step with empty religious practice.  He became a believer during the  Jesus Movement.  Additionally, He’s pastor of the historic Church of the Open Door in Southern California, avid blogger, and author. 

I’ve read his first book, “When God Breaks Your Heart.”  It challenged me, encouraged me, and made me weep.  I’m recommending it.  You’ll enjoy learning more about Ed at http://www.jesusmovementblog.com/about/.  

In this blog he tells a bit of his story and reinforces something we’re learning at Good News Bible Church.  Vitality requires that we let newness in. 

I trusted Christ on a Sunday evening on the curb in front of our Young Life leader’s home.

The next Tuesday I was part of the “leadership team” of a local high school Young Life club.

I didn’t know the Bible had books, had barely memorized John 3:16, and hadn’t been to church yet.

Three weeks later I was leading that Young Life Club. I’m sure I spouted about 20 heresies a week, said some things that my Young Life leader wished I’d never said, and made a lot of churchy people mad.

But I did it; the Lord grew me; and a lot of kids came to Christ.

If you want to see revival, you have to take risks. Like trusting the Holy Spirit to work powerfully in brand new believers.


Thanks Ed!


Dan Rockwell

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