I think “righteous” people are fakers.  I’m capping on the super saints that have it all together.  They don’t struggle with sin like us regular believers.  They tip toe from one spiritual mountain top to another enjoying unhampered heavenly bliss. 

I think Matt 23:28 applies to them.  “Outwardly they appear righteous to others but within (they) are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.”  If you strip away the fake spiritual phrases and artificial spirituality, fakers are dead inside.  But sadly, they think they’re alive.

Everyone I ever knew who got close to Jesus kept confessing their sinfulness.  They never got it all together!

Fakers read what I just wrote and say, “Amen, brotha Dan.”  But even as they say it they don’t mean it.

On the other hand, you can always spot people who are turning toward grace.  They receive benefit even as they see their unworthiness.  Benefit doesn’t come to them because they earn it.  Benefit comes because they don’t earn it.

People turning toward grace don’t talk about all they’ve done to get God to bless them.  They don’t focus on what they’ve done at all.  They focus on what Jesus did.

You may ask, “How can I realize my own sinfulness?”  WRONG question faker!

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Dan Rockwell 

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2 Comments on “Fakers”

  1. Ed Underwood Says:

    You got it, Dan. Last time I checked, the Holy Spirit tells the truth about our sinfulness and He never stutters. Pushes toward grace, grace, grace, grace.

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