Pat Robertson on Hati


Pact with the Devil

Pat Robertson believes that Hati is being judged by God because they made a pact with the Devil to get the French out.

It seems the best this Christian can offer is Karmic justice.  In other words if you do bad expect bad to come to you and if you do good expect good to come to you. 

His comments contradict the truth of grace.  God extends grace to the undeserving.  That means if the Hatian’s made a pact with the Devil they are qualified for grace.

All I can say is God loves sinners and it’s a good thing for Pat Robertson that He does.

Grace Freak – Freakin Out

Dan Rockwell

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5 Comments on “Pat Robertson on Hati”

  1. Amy Jones Says:

    The best I can comment to that is Amen Pastor Dan, Amen

  2. josh Says:

    The idea that Robertson has the audacity to place himself in the place of judgement for anyone, let alone the Haitian people is an unacceptable attitude. It is also troubling because, it makes it difficult for believers to call ourselves Christians when someone like Pat Robertson describes himself the same way. It destroys any credibility we still might have.

  3. Dan Rockwell Says:

    Hey Josh…how do you really feel? 😉 I’m with you. This type of stuff is embarrassing. Thanks for jumping in

  4. Rick Says:

    Dan: This is similar to the post of mine that you commented on about Ann Coulter ( Christian public figures like Coulter and Robertson have a great responsibility to think before they speak. The wisdom or foolishness of their words affects how Christianity is perceived by the public. We can have a difficult enough time without silliness like this. Sure, God could choose to judge a people group, and has in the past with Israel and those against her. But, we live in a fallen world, and disasters happen to pagans, Jews and Christians alike. We can’t make judgments as to why a particular disaster happened.

  5. Dan Rockwell Says:


    Thanks for jumping in. I’m glad we don’t have to fear that the next flu or car wreck or business failure is the judgement of God. Truly the world is broken and broken things happen to the good the bad and the ugly.


    Grace Freak

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