Overcoming Arrogance


Overcoming arrogance

Believing we can achieve humility in 5 easy steps is actually arrogant.  Having said that, take a look as these instructive passages.

“Whoever humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest.”  Matt 18:4
“Whoever humbles himself shall be exalted.”  Matt 23:12
Jesus “humbled Himself.”  Phil 2:8
“Humble yourself in the presence of the Lord.”  James 4:10
“Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God.” 1Pet 5:6

The term “yourself” is common to all the passages.  Humble yourself.  Of all Christian virtues this is the only one we do to ourselves.  Humility is something YOU do to you.  Circumstance may promote humility but no one can make you humble.

If 5 steps to overcome arrogance won’t help, how can we “humble ourselves?”  I realize that the following list seems inconsistent with my opening sentence.  What follows is what others did in the face of pride.

  1. Stop requiring others to honor you, your skills, or your service
  2. Serve those who can’t repay you
  3. Confess your sins
  4. Submit to others
  5. Treat others well (especially those who don’t appreciate you)
  6. Check for anxiety (anxious people are proud people)
  7. Acknowledge God’s greatness
  8. Acknowledge your frailty
  9. Trust God to honor you.T
  10. Talk less and listen more (be a learner)

The list of 10 doesn’t help me much.  Arrogance is always with me.

I’m falling back on three ideas. 

  1. Rather than focusing on overcoming arrogance, focus on Jesus. 
  2. Confess arrogance when you see it in you and move on.    
  3. Finally, continue learning to walk by faith today. 

That’s the best I have on this topic.  Can you add suggestions?

Grace Freak

Dan Rockwell

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7 Comments on “Overcoming Arrogance”

  1. Chuck Gonzalez Says:

    Do feel that if you don’t humble yourself God use the rod of correction to do it.

    • Dan Rockwell Says:

      Chuck, I think God does use correction to humble us. It could take the form of adversity and distress. Or on the other hand it could be that He grants us ease and prosperity even while we are in sin. Even the goodness of God leads us to repent. Either way our response to God’s dealing with us should be humility.

  2. Ashlin Says:

    I think humility can be similarly classified along with things such as kindness, compassion, meekness, patience, mercy, purity, peacefulness, etc. With these attributes, we all go through periods where we either are or are not these specific traits. In order to focus on each of these traits and master them all, we would probably be stuck in an introverted shell while spending all of our time focusing and worrying whether or not we are being kind, compassionate, meek, patient, merciful, etc. If there is a solution in existence for obtaining and maintaining all of these traits, it must be bigger than ourselves.

    Focusing on Jesus, and walking by faith in Him appears to be the best solution. Attempts to be any of these traits without a larger picture of Christ-likeness or grateful response to grace given, will result in disappointing failure.



  3. Yvette Says:

    This is great. Exactly what I need to read today. Thanks!

  4. GPS Says:

    Focus on Jesus rather than yourself. I love that one. All the other focus on ourselves… what bring us back to arrogance. I was told today that I am arrogant and decided to look for some information on how to overcome it.

    I love your posting. Takes my attention away from me and bring it to someone else… Jesus and his presence in my brothers and sisters.


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