Rule Breaker


Be a rule breaker not a rule maker

Jesus isn’t a rule maker.  He’s a rule breaker.  He’s an antiestablishment rebel who challenged the religious status quo of His day.  In Lk 11:37ff Jesus accepts an invitation to dinner and from the begining He’s an ill mannered guest who severely insults the host and everyone else at the table.  He’s intentially confrontation toward religious rule-making hypocrites. 

Amoung other things He says religious hypocrites are bondage building rule makers who make life harder for others.  His ministry stands in direct conflict with their approach.  Furthermore, in Luke 4, Jesus explains that His ministry is about libery and freedom. 

Being like Jesus means turning people toward grace not rules.  It means setting people free rather than bringing them into bondage.  In contrast, to rule making we embrace freedom.  Rules aren’t good enough to bring us life and they aren’t good enough to enrich our lives.  Lets set people free.  Lets make their lives easier not more difficult.  I’m inviting you to be a bondage breaker by turning people toward grace rather than a bondage maker by turning people toward rules.

Embraced by grace and set free,

Grace Freak Dan

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4 Comments on “Rule Breaker”

  1. Kevin Snyder Says:

    Pastor Dan,
    It has been a long time since I have heard the truth told so directly. The only question I have is how delicate is the line that needs to be watched between breaking the rules like Jesus and arrogance, if that sounds right? I spent many weekends camping with my grandparents while I was growing up. Many times while fishing or hunting my grandfather and I would have talks about what ever came up. My grandfather would always take the other side of the discussion intentionally making me prove or disprove my point. I have found that I tend to question authority especially those who follow the do as I say not as I do. I wish I had the flair to say what I wanted with tact, while being direct!

    • Dan Rockwell Says:

      Hey Kevin, Well we have to say that arrogance is out in every case. I don’t want to walk a line close to arrogance…(although I sure have enough of it) And rule breaking is not the same as sinning. In the context of Luke 11 rule breaking is casting off any man made regulations, rituals, programs, or systems that claim to enhance our standing with God. It’s not arrogant to rejoice in our freedom. It’s actally arrogant to think our “observances” are better than what Jesus provides for all who believe. Great thought man… hope this helps.

  2. Amy Jones Says:

    Thank you for reminding me that I should be a rule
    breaker and not a rule maker. Praise God I’ve been
    set free.

    • Dan Rockwell Says:

      Amy, the whole rule breaker thing is so liberating!! I gotta say there is a tendency to believe that if we just impose a rule on someone it will help… I have to keep reminding myself that rules don’t have any enabling power in them. Stop signs only point out what needs to be done.. but they don’t impart the power to do it.. We don’t need more stop signs…thanks for the good word!

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