Justice, grace, and hope


Life isn't fair

Life isn’t just.  Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people.

Those focused on justice compare themselves with others.  They say, “I’m better than those bad people so I deserve the blessing and they deserve the cursing.” 

Living a life focused on justice destroys our hope and saps our strength. Why?  Because life isn’t just.  Our world is broken and injustice is woven into our broken world. 

Grace received and grace extended sets us free from an, “I’m better than you life.”  It gives real people real hope.  Rick Warren said, “Optimism is psychological; hope is theological.  Optimism focuses on what you think you can do.  Hope trusts in what God can do.”  Additionally, hope trusts in what God HAS done.

Struggling with fairness?  Life’s dealt you a bum deal?  Justice and fairness only make matters worse.  Receive and extend grace.  Grace isn’t about fair.

Grace Freak Dan

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4 Comments on “Justice, grace, and hope”

  1. Patty Strohn Says:

    Thanks for your clarity. You are absolutely right on! Our world is full of injustice, just ask Jesus. We can focus on the injustices or our Hope. I’m choosing more and more on our Hope and living more and more peacefully. Thanks for being a gracefreak. We need more leaders like you and Ed Underwood.

  2. Dan Rockwell Says:


    Thanks for the good word. I don’t know about you but I never get tired of hearing about grace and I need constant reminding that grace isn’t fair and thank God it isn’t

    Grace Freak Dan

  3. k Says:

    Thank you

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