From confusion to confidence

happy cowMom used to say that life wasn’t fair.  It didn’t help much back then and it doesn’t help much now.  I still don’t like bad people getting ahead and good people struggling.  I don’t like seeing injustice and neither did the prophet Habakkuk.  In chapter one of his book he aggressively confronts his God who seems distantant, disinterested, and disconnected from the real world suffering and injustice.

By chapter three, Habakkuk is singing! 

How can believers get from chapter one to chapter three?

1.  Complain – Don’t fake it till you make.  Tell God what you really think.
2. Wait – Don’t throw in the towel.  Listen for an answer.  Chapter 2:1
3. Write – Keep a journal.  Chapter 2:2

Twinkie Christians pretending that everything is beautiful never experience the profound joy of learning to trust our Maker during confusion, discouragement, and disallusionment.  We can be real with our Maker.  We’ll never get to chapter 3 without embracing the confusion in chapter 1.

Grace Freak Dan

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