Pure gift

I woke up this morning remembering the reason God freely extends favor has nothing to do with the things I do and everything to do with what Jesus did.  It’s based on belief and not behavior.

If God saw something in my life worthy of His grace, I wouldn’t be a candidate for grace.  It goes even further.  If I had the ability to deserve grace I’d be ruled out of receiving grace. 

Bondage is broken when we understand that grace is always pure gift, nothing more nothing less.

Grace Freak,

Dan Rockwell

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2 Comments on “Gift”

  1. Chuck Gonzalez Says:

    Isn’t grace and favor intertwined and our behavior with blessings from God?

    • Dan Rockwell Says:


      I think thats a great question. The root of the matter is God extends His favor to us regardless of our behavior. When our behavior is offensive to Him He extends grace. When our behavior is pleasing to Him, He extends grace.

      Grace is about God not us. He is the God of all Grace.

      We always falling short. He always extends favor. When He chooses to discipline or correct us, that too is an expression of His favor. When He extends temporal benefits, He extends favor.

      It’s nearly unbelieveable isn’t it? Do our behaviours have consequences? Yes. But we should never think that God is extending favor to us because we are living right. Thinking that is arrogant and insults the work of Jesus on the cross.

      Thanks for your question Chuck… thats my take on it. I appreciate it when you jump into the conversation.

      Grace Freak
      Dan Rockwell

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