Cut the cord

“Few issues are of greater significance to biblical theology and, ultimately, to systematic theology as the relation between the Testaments.1   

OT is like being pregnant


The Old Testament (OT) is like a pregnant woman.  It’s great to be pregnant but no one wants permanent pregnancy.  The New Testament (NT) is like birth.  Anticipated life arrives and the cord is cut.  There is wonderful continuity between mom and new born.  More importantly, there is discontinuity.     

Although continuity between the NT and the OT exists, it’s necessary for NT believers to selectively cut the chord with the OT.   Cutting the chord means law-keeping is not the path to, maintenance of, nor a method of enhancing our relationship with God.  

Ten-Commandment-keepers are moral people but they aren’t living the Christian life.  Christianity and morality are separate things.  Christianity isn’t a moral system it’s Jesus, plain and simple.  To make matters worse, commandment keepers are embracing the system that “brought death.” (2Cor. 3:7)  

NT believers who keep OT laws, even the 10 commandments, as a means of maintaining or enhancing their relationship with God are permanently pregnant.  It’s abhorrent.  Cut the cord!  Throw off the yoke of slavery and embrace your freedom.  (Gal. 5:1ff)  

Embracing freedom begins with exclusive confidence in Jesus for everything we hope law keeping provides.   

Grace Freak  

Dan Rockwell  

1.)        Johnson, S. L., & Feinberg, J. S. (1988). Continuity and discontinuity : Perspectives on the relationship between the Old and New Testaments

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2 Comments on “Cut the cord”

  1. Adam Swan Says:

    So what do we consider the 10 commandments? A little post-pregnancy belly fat? Matthew 5:17-20

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