Tuesday evening’s leadership meeting was the second time I brought up a problem I see brewing at Good News. It was briefly mentioned at the previous week’s meeting. And, between the two meetings, I sent emails to the leadership team explaining my concern.

There’s nothing wrong with the people on the team. It’s not a matter of sincerity, passion, or a willingness to work hard. Furthermore, we all agree that the past three months are exceptional months in the history of Good News.

Here’s the deal. The leadership team is so consumed with pressing, urgent needs that we can’t get out in front of Good News. The tyranny of the urgent blocks us from thinking long-term. I’ll spare you the details of the discussion. The move to the Cinema Center makes everything go haywire.

So what’s this post about? It’s about a sustaining bond of love that binds a diverse team of four guys together around a passion to turn people toward grace. One of the sustaining influences in my life is the shared vision that binds us together. The direction for the leadership team isn’t clear. The vision is.

Now let me talk like a mad man. I want Good News to always be going haywire in some ways and in some areas. I want to get really good at doing some things but at the same time I want us falling apart in other areas. Extending our reach and expanding our influence for grace isn’t about creating a retirement community. It’s about launching into the unknown, risking failure, and, at least in some areas, struggling to keep up.

Boy this post sounds like a contradictory mess. Whatever happens, vision binds and drives us into the future.

Grace Freak Dan

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