A Small Patch of Blue

It’s overcast this Saturday morning. I’m in the office sipping a cup of coffee the loving woman in my life just graciously brought down. (She’s amazing) Decided to light my pipe and finalize tomorrow’s sermon. If you’re wondering, the aroma doesn’t leave a nasty after-smell so Dale is good with it.

It’s been 14 months since Good News began seriously working to become an outsider focused church. The changes are mind blowing. Truth is, the insider focused Good News of a year ago is disappearing and a new outsider focused Good News is appearing. The opportunities and responsibilities are staggering. It feels a little like riding a tornado.

Not only is Good News new, I am too. There’s new focus, direction, and passion in my life. I keep wondering if the passion I felt in August of 2008 to refocus ministry will wane. But in reality it’s not waning it’s growing. Every new person at Good News is like throwing gas on my fire. Every new person only fans the passion to reach more. For those who know me best, you must think an alien has taken control of my body.

I’m learning about a Jesus who persistently worked to turn more people toward grace. If anyone could have established a worship center with a high platform and a great band for all to “come and see” Jesus could. But rather than embracing an exclusive “come and see” approach, He also lived, led and taught a “go and tell” vision. Instead of settling in one spot He persistently went out, sent out, and reached out. He inconvenienced Himself in order to reach others.

Well the pipe is out and I see a few patches of blue peeking through. There are loads I don’t understand and only a few clear patches. The brightest point of clarity centers on turning more people toward the free grace that keeps reaching me. It may be a small patch of blue but it’s all I need.

Grace Freak Dan Rockwell

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